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Run your own version of HP Lovecraft's iconic University in this new Management Simulator Game from SuperScience!

.... and uncover the deep mysteries of the world that were never intended for human eyes.


The world is in turmoil. The festering corpse of a prehistoric abomination long thought to be extinct washed up from untold depths onto the shores of Japan. Police arrested a voodoo cult in Louisiana as they sacrificed humans at the foot of a grotesque totem to an unearthly god. Whispered rumors of the shifting sands of the Desert of Araby disgorging the ruins of a long forgotten city with structures of.... inhuman proportions.


Venture to the ends of the Earth

A pall has fallen over the earth. Something is happening. These events (and many more) are connected somehow. But with a new generation of talented scientists and engineers, doctors and philosophers, historians and artists... perhaps the great secrets will be revealed!

Wishlist Miskatonic University today on STEAM!

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