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Nuclear Strike INCOMING
Prepare the Defenses!

The Democratic People's Democratic Republic of Bad have driven their island to the brink of ecological collapse, as they use every resource in-order to keep up with their free prosperous neighbors on the Isle of Glad.

Consumed with envy and rage, the Dictator of Bad, sets the industrial might of Bad towards total war. An endless supply of Bombers, zeppelins, and ICBMs roll off the assembly lines with one purpose: the complete and utter annihilation of the Isle of Glad.

Glad is a peaceful nation with no offensive military. With only defensive weapons, will Glad be able to weather the waves of missiles, bombers, and juggernauts sent their way? Only if Glad has a great commander to direct their defenses! ..A commander who knows the best tool for the job, knows how to use it, and doesn't hesitate! ..A commander who knows the best locations to build new defenses, and which technologies will be necessary to research to weather the attacks of tomorrow.. and the next day.. and the next day. Until Bad loses the will to fight!

Glad needs a commander like YOU.



Join the Strategic Defense Command TODAY and help Glad protect her cities from the ravages of Nuclear War.


Wishlist INCOMING today!

System Requirements

OS: Microsoft Windows 10, 64-Bit

Processor: Intel i5

Memory: 4 GB RAM

GPU: nVidia GeForce 1070

Storage: 4 GB

Additional Hardware: Roomscale VR with Hand Controllers

Supported VR. (Note: other VR headsets may function, but haven't been tested)

  • HTC Vive

  • Oculus Quest 2 (tethered mode only)

  • Oculus Rift

  • Valve Index

INCOMING: Project Roadmap

The SUPERSCIENCE team wants to make INCOMING the best Strategic Missile Defense game that we can! And to do that, we will need your input! Please do tell us... Is something too easy? Too difficult? Is a Defense OP? Is a Defense useless? We can only make improvements if we know what's wrong. And you, the player, know what needs fixing better than anyone. Help us make INCOMING the best that it can be!

Planned Improvements

  • Powerups! - Powerful instant abilities to help turn the tide in a pinch! Collect them from the level and use them, or buy and sell them from an ingame merchant!

  • Height Setting - For very short or very tall players, or players who wish to sit while playing

  • Performance Optimization - INCOMING currently does not support Quest 2 in Standalone Mode (probably too many particles). Since this is the most popular HMD in the world, it makes sense to try and get that working.

  • More types of Enemies - The FLARE and a STEALTHYBOY have been identified as 2 unique new challenges to deepen gameplay

  • Performance Settings - More dials means players can tailor for better framerates or prettier explosions

  • Immersive Details - Wildlife, Lighthouses, Sunken Ships... there are many things we can do to make Glad feel move alive!

  • Haptics and SFX for "Hovers" - The player isn't always looking where their hands are feeling. It would be good to give tactile and audio cues.

  • "War Room" Characters do not track the player's HMD - It doesn't matter too much, because you can't see where their soulless button eyes are looking. But it would be better if characters' heads followed the player position.

  • Cities and Labs' Sale Price should depend on their level - Currently they sell at a fixed rate.

  • Skippable Cut Sequences - Yes, they're nice the first time through, but how about the 10th?

  • Mook Death Sequences - Bombers go down in flames rather than exploding, Zeppelins the burn Hindenburg-style.

  • Easter Eggs - We have a few ideas <.<

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